Rosa Meneses

Reporter. Arab World. Conflicts & Human Rights

Rosa Meneses

Reporter at the Spanish newspaper "El Mundo".
Expert in Maghreb & Middle East: Armed conflicts, humanitarian crisis, post conflict transitions, Human Rights, political Islam.
Ochberg Fellow at the Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma,
Columbia University's Journalism School, New York.
Reporters Without Borders Spain


Uno entre 60 millones

Khalaf Abdelkarim, de 15 años, es uno de los 60 millones de refugiados en el mundo.
EL MUNDO Link to Story

Los presos de Tadmur siguen en manos del régimen sirio

El ejército de Asad evacuó la cárcel de Palmira antes de que Estado Islámico la conquistara. Link to Story

'Queremos ir a Europa'

Mahmud al Ali, Hakima Diab y sus cinco hijos son refugiados sirios en Líbano.
EL MUNDO Link to Story

'Quieren ser médicos. Estos niños están hartos de guerra'

In Zaatari Refugee Camp, around 12.000 children go to school. "They are tired of war".
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Siria, una guerra sin testigos

How the high risks in Syria is preventing journalists from reporting on the ground.
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El ambicioso resurgir de Al Qaeda

Islamic State of Iraq and Sham revives the Al Qaeda structure in Iraq created one decade ago.
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Zaatari, el 'campamento de los niños'

They call it "the children's camp", as more than a half of its residents are minors. Link to Story


Rosa Meneses

Rosa Meneses (Barcelona, 1975) is staff reporter at the Spanish leading newspaper "El Mundo" since 1999. Her focus is Maghreb and Middle East, covering war and post-conflict transitions, humanitarian crisis, human rights and political Islam issues.

She is Human Rights Journalism Prize 2016 for her coverage on refugees exodus in "El Mundo" by the Spanish Association for Human Rights.

She is compromised with building bridges between communities and cultures. She is Fellow of the Council of the University Institute for Human Rights, Democracy and Peace (DEMOSPAZ), at the Autónoma University of Madrid.

Also, she works to raise awareness on the safety issues faced by journalists reporting from war zones and the psychological impact of covering conflicts and humanitarian tragedies. She is member of the Board of Directors of Reporters Without Borders-Spain and member of Ochberg Society.

On January 2015, she covered the terrorist attacks in Paris against 'Charlie Hebdo' magazine and a kosher supermarket. Since the beginning of the Arab Uprising, in 2011, she is covering the events writing mainly from Tunisia and the war-torn Libya, Syria and Irak. On April 2011, she was shot while reporting from Misurata (Libya) and she survived as she was wearing a flack jacket borrowed by her colleagues from the British TV Channel Four.

Previously, she covered the war in Lebanon, in the summer of 2006.

She writes, analyses and reports regularly about political, military and social issues (terrorist attacks, social unrest, human rights, general elections, the boom of islamist movements, peace processes, humanitarian crisis) and has covered events in more than 20 countries of MENA region, specially Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, the Gulf countries and Turkey.

She is Ochberg Fellow at the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, Columbia University's Journalism School, New York. She is Spain's National Prize on New Journalism 2010.

She is BA in Journalism and has Graduate Studies in 'International News and the Developing World' at Complutense University, Madrid. She has a degree on Foreign Relations by the Diplomatic School (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spain).



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